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The Week in Surf News for June 15th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Kelly Slater Wins Volcom Fiji Pro

Kelly Slater defeated Mick Fanning in the thrilling Final of the Volcom Fji Pro in bombing six to eight foot barrels at world class Cloudbreak. It capped an incredible day for the former 11-Time ASP World Champion as he scored two perfect 10s in his Quarterfinal win for the second time in his career, then defeated John John Florence in the Semifinals before using his barrel riding talents to tuck in deep and maneuver huge Cloudbreak lefthanders all the way to victory. The win is Slater’s second of the year, the 53rd of his illustrious career and places Slater clear in the overall lead of the 2013 ASP World Tour rankings.

Kelly Slater MMA

World champion boxing trainer Jason Parillo takes on World champion surfer Kelly Slater in an MMA video from three years ago, the ref and judges are none other than MMA legends Vitor “the phenom” Belfort and “the Prodigy” BJ Penn, visit and go to the video page to find out who won the fight.

Glitch-hit US nuclear plant shut down for good

A California nuclear power plant shut down last year after a radiation leak will be permanently closed, its owners said Friday. Southern California Edison (SCE) has been trying to fix problems which came to light last year after a minor leak in one reactor at the San Onofre plant, north of San Diego in southern California. But SCE parent company Edison International’s chairman Ted Craver said experts had finally concluded that they cannot resolve the problems quickly or comprehensively enough.

“We have concluded that the continuing uncertainty about when or if (San Onofre) might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors, or the need to plan for our region’s long-term electricity needs,” he said. The shutdown will mean the loss of some 1,100 jobs, the Los Angeles Times reported. Anti-nuclear activists hailed the announcement. “It has great national implications and is a real strong message that this nation does not need nuclear power,” Shaun Burnie, of Friends of the Earth, told the newspaper.

Dragon Unveils The Floatable Collection

Dragon has seamlessly blended fashion with function to create the H20 Floatable Collection-its first ever line of floating sunglasses. Made for men and women who enjoy an active lifestyle in and around the water, the H20 Floatable Collection pairs 5 of Dragon’s most popular styles- including The Jam and the Double Dos-with a specially formulated injected frame designed to stay afloat in the ocean, pool or lake. Arriving just in time for summer, Dragon’s H20 Floatable Collection sunglasses are the answer to never losing your shades in the water again.

The Week in Surf News for June 8th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Pichilemu, Chile – After much anticipation, The 2013 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile presented by Subaru was unable to run as scheduled on Tuesday, June 4th on the beaches at Punta de Lobos, Chile. The forecast had originally projected a 15-foot swell, but the surf ultimately did not reach the necessary heights. “In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile, the Big Wave World Tour and big wave surfing as a whole, we decided against running the contest when surf conditions weren’t as big as anticipated.” Contest Director Gary Linden continued, “As all surfers know, Mother Nature makes the final decision when it comes to waves – and today the swell was substantially smaller than we had originally expected.”

Given that the best big wave surfers in the world were all converged, local spectators were treated to a fan-pleasing two-hour, four-heat Expression Session versus an official Tour contest. Chilean hero Ramon Navarro, was awarded with the Biggest Wave and most-Critical Drop while Cristian Merello, 2010 Ceremonial Champion, was awarded the Best Wave of the Day. With a $50,000 USD prize purse, the winnings were divided equally amongst the 24 surfers with special bonuses awarded to Navarro and Merello for their biggest and best wave awards respectively.

Fake shark warning signs posted at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Eight shark warning signs were posted around Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz early Thursday morning telling surfers to stay out of the water. A fake public notice dated 6/6/2013 read “Shark Warning Water Advisory,” and said three great white shark attacks happened on Wednesday at three popular surf spots: Capitola Beach, Privates, and Rockview. Due to the highly aggressive nature of these encounters, it is strongly advised to stay out of the water for 48 hours or surf Cowells instead,” the advisory read.

Cowells is on Santa Cruz’s west side, Pleasure Point is on the east side, and the two sides have a longtime rivalry. They share one thing in common: their waves are crowded. The signs appear official with the California State Parks’ bear logo, but state park rangers said they did not make them. The signs were taken down by noon Thursday.

Long Beach moves to avoid swimmer-surfer battle

Long Beach has revised its proposed summer beach schedule after protests from swimmers who said the city was allowing surfers to take over too much of the beach. The city’s 3.5 miles of beach, beloved by locals and visitors, is one of Long Island’s biggest tourist attractions, and every year the city crafts a plan to divide its use between swimmers and surfers.

A proposal released earlier this month, which city officials said was intended to be simpler than the 2012 plan, was widely criticized by residents who use the beach for swimming. The most controversial part divided the west central portion of the beach into five blocks and allowed surfers to use two of the blocks, which would rotate throughout the summer. A new plan, released late yesterday by city manager Jack Schnirman, reduces surfing blocks in that area to one — the same number as last year. The block dedicated to surfing would rotate among the five between May 25 and Sept. 3.

Cody Simpson surfing

Teen heartthrob Cody Simpson is not just a singer, he’s a surfer, too. For this video, he dons a wet suit with his buddy Jake Thrupp and a few friends in Huntington, Calif., to go surfing.

Police arrest Gotcha surfwear co-founder in Laguna Beach car wreck

A retired professional surfer who co-founded Gotcha surfwear was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and on suspicion of cocaine possession after a traffic accident in Laguna Beach, police said Wednesday.

Police charged Michael Elliot Tomson, 58, of Laguna Beach with two felony counts of DUI and possession of a controlled substance, as well as a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of drugs.

Surfing companies wax litigious over use of name

California-based Mr Zogs Sexwax and Australian swimwear firm Zoggs faced off in court yesterday in a trademark dispute dating back to a verbal agreement more than 20 years ago. Mr Zogs Sexwax is an international brand of wax used to improve grip on surfboards. Zoggs makes goggles and swimming togs.

Zoggs, a swimming product company founded in Australia, has appealed against an Intellectual Property Office ruling against its application to trademark the word “Zoggs” in New Zealand. Surfing product company Sexwax, established in California by Frederick Herzog in the 1970s, opposed the trademark as it produces a product called Mr Zogs Sexwax. Mr Zog is Herzog’s nickname and in 1972 he began producing Sexwax for people riding surfboards. The Intellectual Property Office ruled in favour of Sexwax, having found Zoggs had acted in bad faith in its application to trademark “Zoggs”.

The Week in Surf News for June 1st, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

ASP Announces Acquisition of Big Wave World Tour

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) International is pleased to announce the acquisition of the global Big Wave World Tour (BWWT), with arrangements for support in 2013 and formal sanctioning commencing in 2014.

Currently servicing six international big wave events in Pichilemu/Chile, Punta Hermosa/Peru, Lincoln City/Oregon, Half Moon Bay/California, Baja California/Mexico and Punta Galea/Spain the new-found arrangement between the ASP and the BWWT will allow for top ASP surfers such as 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 41, reigning ASP World Champion Joel Parkinson (AUS), 32, Hawaiian phenom John John Florence (HAW), 20, amongst others to join respected BWWT surfers like Greg Long (USA), 28, Grant Baker (ZAF), 40, and Carlos Burle (BRA), 45, in competition with waves in the 25-foot-and-above range.

Kelly Slater unveils his passion for martial arts

Kelly Slater has dressed his kimono and returned to the tatami. The 11-time world surfing champion has challenged Flavio Canto, a Brazilian judoka champion, for a jiu-jitsu combat. It’s an old passion. Kelly Slater has a special connection with martial arts, since he was a just another little Floridian kid.

“When I was eight or nine, I met a guy called Don Dragon Wilson, who had been a world kickboxing champion. Me and my brother enrolled in his academy and did karate for a while”, tells Slater. Slater always felt attracted by martial arts and only stopped training because of surfing. “I’ve only learned more about jiu-jitsu when I visited Brazil for the first time, in 1982. I met and became friends with many people of the Gracie family. Rickson used to surf in California and we exchanged surfboards for jiu-jitsu classes”, adds the Floridian.

Kelly Slater: ‘Surfing is my religion’

At 41, Kelly Slater is old enough to be the father of some of his competitors on the Surfing World Tour. But the 11-time world champion — dubbed “King Kelly” — is far from washed up. At a time when his friends are settled down with families, the original surfing pin-up boy is still scoring perfect 10s on the international circuit. “Friends that were on tour with me 20 years ago, 10 years ago, are now family guys married with kids,” he said. “They say ‘I can’t believe you’re still doing it, that you’re looking for waves every day. But I want to surf better tomorrow. I want to surf better in 10 years. When I’m 50 I want to be a better surfer than I am now — for me it’s a lifelong journey.”

“Surfing is my religion, if I have one,” he said. “The barrel [the hollow of a breaking wave] is really the ultimate ride for any surfer. It’s the eye of the storm. Some guys say it’s like being in the womb. “For me it’s sort of like time slows down. You become hyper aware of a lot of different things — the way the wave is breaking, timing, putting yourself in the right part of the barrel. It takes all of your mental capacity to do it just right.”

State eyes parking fees at Northern California beaches

Sunbathers flocking to Southern California beaches are used to feeding the meter or paying a parking attendant. Not so along the less developed north coast where it’s customary to ditch cars on the shoulder of Highway 1 to surf, swim or picnic.

That sandy line that long defined the state’s disparate beach culture may soon fade.

In search of new revenue, the state parks system is eyeing parking fees for parts of the Northern California shoreline where none existed or considering hiking rates to visit popular beaches south of Los Angeles during peak periods.

Out of California’s 1,100 miles of beach, a third is controlled by the state Department of Parks and Recreation. Officials say they’re under legislative orders to seek new sources of revenue and that a revamp of the parking payment structure is necessary to keep beaches open and to fund deferred maintenance.

Laird Hamilton It’s Okay If Lance Armstrong Cheated

Surfing legend Laird Hamilton thinks it’s BS that Lance Armstrong got stripped of his Tour de France titles, but not because he thinks doping is wrong, but because everyone was doing it. Hamilton took the unusual position when our our photog bumped into him yesterday in Malibu saying he believes that if everyone is cheating in a sport, then it’s “still an even playing field, it’s still the best guy wins.”

Hamilton also said he thinks the public coming down on athletes who are found to be cheating isn’t right, saying, “I think it’s a little bit of hypocrisy that we think these athletes are sterile people that are eating dry toast and then they’re performing at these high levels. Rocket ships need rocket fuel to go to space. Athletes need the fuel they need to do what they need to do and let’s be realistic about that.”

Laird Hamilton Jet Ski ‘Clowns’ RUINED MY SURFING SPOT!!!

Laird Hamilton’s latest surfin’ safari was a TOTAL DISASTER … all because greedy jet skiers have overrun and RUINED the Tahitian spot he made famous … the surfing icon tells TMZ. “They are so much more concerned with catching the next wave than with other surfers,” the 49-year-old big-wave pioneer said. “The chaos of the jet skis’ movement has a circus-like aspect. Some behaviors were borderline clownish.” Laird recalls several near-collisions at his famed spot off of Teahupo’o this week … even a few wipeouts caused by wave-grubbing jet skiers thrusting themselves in front of boarders. “I watched a few surfers go down hard,” he said.

He’s also taking issue with the number of wave-riders taking crazy risks just to capture video … “They’re all wearing a bunch of cameras, taking off on waves they have NO chance of making,” Laird told us. “They drop in just so they can have a photo of themselves … ‘Wow, look at me!'” For the uninitiated … back in 2000, Laird became a major name in surfing after dropping into a dangerous monster wave at the Teahupo’o break … forever cementing it as a go-to spot for big-wave surfers. The irony — he was only able to do it by being towed in … by a jet ski.

An Exclusive Interview with Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador 1

Zuri Irvin contributed to this story.

In an industry that pays homage to image and beauty as much as surfing prowess, no company reigns supreme in women’s surf clothing more than Roxy.  They are indeed the crème de la crème of women’s clothing companies and are among the most prestigious of anything related to female surfing.  Among their talented and beautiful team of riders is one of the top longboarders in the world, Kassia Meador.

Meador has been a member of the Roxy team for nearly 14 years, a staggering number given the youthful exuberance Meador still exudes with her riding, looks and personality.  While it’s rare to find Meador surfing in contests these days, she still hits the water on a regular basis and has added photography to her talented repertoire.

I interviewed Meador on my surf talk radio show WaXed to talk about how a valley girl in her teens learned to surf at Malibu, how she started surfing at a very late age for a professional surfer, her burgeoning interest as a photographer, who she’s dating these days, and how she’s a Roxy girl in a Roxy world.

Kassia Meador 2

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The Week in Surf News for May 11th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Box office flat for surfing film

It came with the star power of Sam Worthington, good media coverage and decent word-of-mouth but the Australian surfing drama Drift opened flatter than the Balmoral surf on the weekend. It took just $269,000 for a disappointing screen average of less than $2000. That’s a real pity considering that viewers who eventually catch Drift at home will miss the impact of the spectacular surfing scenes. Mind you, it’s hard going up against Iron Man 3, which has taken more than $27 million in 12 days, dominating an otherwise so-so time in Australian cinemas.

Surfing mag criticised for posting suspicious substance on Instagram

A MONTHLY magazine that promotes itself as the “surfers’ bible” of Australia has come under fire for posting a photo of a suspicious substance with the caption “some things never change”. Posted via the magazine’s Instagram account, the picture featured a bag of the substance on top of the magazine, with a packet of “rollies” – used to roll a joint – next to it. The picture has since been deleted from the account.

The editor of Tracks, Luke Kennedy, told this morning the picture was posted by a third party and although unaware who the person was, it was not a member of the Tracks team. “[Tracks] doesn’t endorse the use of hard drugs. If there is to be a debate on the use of recreational drugs then Instagram is not the right place for it. That creates an impression we didn’t want to see created, that’s why it was taken down. Our main objective is to promote surfing as a healthy lifestyle choice and that’s always our priority first and foremost.”

Surf reef director Nick Behunin ‘cannot be found’

Liquidators for the New Zealand-based company which built Europe’s only artificial surf reef are yet to locate its director. Nick Behunin’s company oversaw construction of the £3.2m reef which has been out of action since 2011.

Dan Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Marine based in Poole, has registered a £34,000 claim to be a creditor, but has yet to hear anything. His company supplied the workboat used in the original offshore construction. Boscombe surf reef Boscombe surf reef has been out of action since May 2011. “I’m shocked and surprised that they haven’t been able to trace Nick Behunin. From my knowledge, he lives in the USA. It’s a real shame. The longer the reef sits idle, the more it will deteriorate. There’s a host of local contractors out there who were involved in the original build and could easily undertake the repairs needed.”

The BBC has also been unsuccessful in its attempts to contact Mr Behunin, who last spoke on camera about the reef in 2010.

“Out in the line-up” takes you on a global journey to meet gay surfers

Surfing has long been marketed using the image of the blue-eyed, blond-haired, white male and the bikini-clad surfer girl. But surfing has now reached a broader range of social classes, genders, races and sexualities. These old stereotypes are no longer relevant, yet the surfing industry still upholds them, convinced it is the best way to market the sport. But by doing so surfing has lost the connection with its grass roots ideals of diversity, freedom and individuality.

“Out in the line-up” takes you on a global journey to meet gay surfers such as 3 time world champion Cori Schumacher, ex- US pro surfer Robbins Thompson, ex New South Wales state champion David Wakefield, and many more. Hear their stories of the struggle for acceptance – from their friends and families, other surfers – and themselves. Pro-surfers, journalists such as surf-writer Fred Pawle, surf photographer Scott Needham and psychologist Clifton Evers, bring light to how surf culture is changing and what more needs to be done for it to become more open.

The Week in Surf News for May 4th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Gabrielle Reece, Laird Hamilton’s Wife, Says Being ‘Submissive’ Is A Sign Of Strength

Volleyball star Gabrielle Reece and pro surfer Laird Hamilton have been married for 17 years, and Reece recently revealed the controversial secret to their successful relationship: creating an “old fashioned” dynamic.

Reece explained that she and Hamilton considered divorcing after four years of marriage. But their relationship improved when they learned how to complement each other by adopting more traditional gender roles.

She clarified that she doesn’t think being “submissive” is a sign of weakness. “I think because women have the ability to set the tone, that the ultimate strength and showing real power, I believe, is creating that environment,” she said. “I think it’s a sign of strength.”

Ryan Phillippe Hosts An Intimate Screening Of ‘Isolated’ Surf Documentary

Filmmakers Geoff Clark, Justin La Pera, Jeramiah Kraus, Matt Meyerson, Ryan Phillippe and their cohorts treated a select group of philanthropists, surfers, extreme athletes and influencers to an intimate screening of Isolated, their groundbreaking documentary on a largely undiscovered, dangerous region of surf around New Guinea.

Harris County woman sues after being hit face by surfboard in Galveston

A Harris County woman is suing a surfer whose board hit her in the face while she was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Lori Reynolds filed a lawsuit last week against Florida resident Steven Long IV for their collision in Galveston.

Reynolds said she was enjoying a day at the beach and went into the water to watch her friend’s child who wanted to swim. Long was surfing in the same area. The lawsuit states “suddenly and unexpectedly” Long lost control of his surf board, which struck Reynolds in the face. The lawsuit states that Long lost control of his surfboard, striking Reynolds in the face. She said the accident left her with severe injuries, including a facial scar.

She is asking for damages and payment of her medical bills from Long, claiming he was negligent in not tethering the board to his leg, failing to keep a proper lookout and a safe distance.

An Exclusive Interview with Big Wave Surfer Shawn Dollar

Shawn Dollar 1 Pat Stacy Billabong XXL

©Pat Stacy

Zuri Irvin contributed to this story.

The 2010 surf contest at Maverick’s produced some of the biggest waves in competitive surfing history.  Massive bombs that tested the mettle of all the surfers in the water that day.  Yet ask anyone who watched the contest what the most memorable moment of the event was, and most won’t go into who won the contest, or how big the waves were, but rather who was surfing during an expression session that was held between the SemiFinals and Finals of the event.

The surfer who impressed the masses was Shawn Dollar, a big wave charger from Santa Cruz who until that moment was known only within the inner circles of the big wave community.  That day, Dollar showed his peers and fans of surfing alike just how amazing of a surfer he is.  Roaring into a massive 55-foot wave with incredible confidence and fluidity that at the time would set a World Record for the largest wave ever paddled into, Dollar not only put himself on notice as a premier big wave rider but also earned himself a prestigious Monster Paddle Award at the Billabong XXL Awards.

Since that day Dollar has been a fixture at most premier big wave surfing contests. When some of the biggest waves in the world are firing Dollar is there charging hard with the greatest big wave surfers in the world.  I interviewed Dollar, who is nominated for a Billabong XXL Ride of the Year, Pacifico Paddle and Biggest Wave Awards, on my surf talk radio show WaXed to talk about breaking the record for the largest wave ever paddled into, winning a Billabong XXL award, reaching the finals of the Maverick’s Invitational, surfing Cortes Bank, and his thoughts on Garrett McNamara cutting off Greg Long while riding a WaveJet at Cortes Bank that nearly caused serious harm while Dollar surfed the wave directly before it.

©Rob Keith

©Rob Keith

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The Week in Surf News for April 20th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Sam Worthington in Australia to promote surfing drama Drift

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger may have declared Sam Worthington “a real go-getter” and worthy action-hero successor, but if the Aussie star thought he’d be treated like a conquering hero when he returned to Perth to shoot the surfing drama Drift, he had another thing coming. In Sydney to promote the movie today, Worthington recalled his welcome to set from his old mate and Drift co-star, Myles Pollard. “My first day, Myles took me out, there I am squeezed into a wet suit looking like a big fat f—in’ seal, we’re in the middle of the horizon, nowhere, and all I get is this: ‘If the wave dumps on you, you know what to do – swim to the bottom, hang on and we’ll find you with a jet ski. You’ll be right, mate. Welcome to Margaret River, Hollywood’.” Drift, which also stars Aussie Twilight actor Xavier Samuel, opens May 2.

Niche recruitment website lists jobs in all sectors of surf industry

Sydney developed website,, a niche recruitment website has just gone live around the globe, and is set to make big waves for job-seekers who have a passion for the sea. Troy Roennfeldt, the brainchild of the specialised website, developed the site to connect surfers and ocean lovers with all aspects of the surf industry including; IT, retail, fashion, advertising, marketing, hospitality, tourism and accounting sectors. Even though has only been live for a few days, employers and brands such as Aquabumps, Oakley, Planet Surf and Macaronis Resort in the Mentawai Islands are amongst the brands from around the globe already flocking to the site to upload their latest positions.

Man Tries To Escape Speeding Ticket By Jumping Into Ocean In Monterey County

A man police say was speeding is in deeper trouble after they say he led California Highway Patrol officers on a high-speed chase in Monterey County where he ended up at a beach, ran across sand dunes and tried to escape by swimming away in the ocean. After accelerating to 100 miles per hour, the man eventually stopped his car and ran to Marina State Beach with CHP officers, Marina police and California State Parks police in pursuit. After making it past a set of waves and swimming out into deeper water, Nolan says the suspect gave up and swam back to shore.

Wipeout of Pier Is Blow to Town’s Surf Scene

The Casino Pier helped turn this coastal town into one of the East Coast’s top surfing destinations beginning in the 1960s. Superstorm Sandy destroyed the 65-year-old pier, blasting the Jet Star roller coaster into the ocean, where it remains today. Now, the men who helped put Seaside Heights on the surfing map fear for its future as the pier is set to be rebuilt.

“The story is still a question mark,” said Catherine Brabec, a New York City independent filmmaker and surfer. “All these guys are so affected by what has happened here.”

Surfers across the region are grappling with similar questions since Sandy disturbed ocean features such as sandbars that determine how waves break. They’re also worried that future beach-restoration projects-which typically dredge sand offshore and pump it up on the beaches-could change wave mechanics by further altering the underwater topography.

Kelly Slater dealt blow as investment company falters

The Kelly Slater Wave Company has been dealt a blow with today’s announcement that LM Investments has been placed into voluntary administration. LM Investments is being investigated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission for multiple breaches of corporation law.

The land at Pimpana was bought for $89 million between 2007 and 2009. Property prices have since slumped and the ABC claims that the borrowings on Maddison Estate now amount to $240 million. Maddison Estate has been advertised as a lifestyle housing estate with celebrities such as gardener Jamie Durie, beach volleyballer Natalie Cook, and swimmer Samantha Riley, all lending their name to the venture and the various parks within the estate.

A wave pool was also planned at Maddison Estate and this where the Kelly Slater Wave Company becomes involved. Last August LM Investments signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kelly Slater Wave Company to develop the world’s first continuous wave pool at Maddison Estate. The Kelly Slater Wave Company has been in a first-to-market race with Webber Wave Pools and this news appeared to give the Kelly Slater Wave Company the lead.

The Week in Surf News for April 13th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

San Diego schools named top surf colleges

The Surf Channel released it’s new list of “Best Surf Colleges” and San Diego has three schools that made the cut. University of California, San Diego is known for revolutionary scientific breakthroughs, rigorous academic standards and a faculty that includes Nobel laureates, field medalists and academy award winners. However, surfers like captain Shaun Burrell said catching waves off of Scripps Pier is what it’s all about. UCSD grabbed the No. 2 spot on the Surf Channel’s list. UCSD edged out UC Santa Barbara and fell short to UC Santa Cruz. Point Loma Nazarene and Cal State San Marcos also landed in the top 10.

1. University of California, Santa Cruz
2. University of California, San Diego
3. University of California, Santa Barbara
4. University of Hawai’i at Manoa
5. Point Loma Nazarene University
6. Florida Institute of Technology
7. Pepperdine University, Malibu
8. Monmouth University, New Jersey
9. Cal State San Marcos
10. California State University, Long Beach

‘Invincible’ director Ericson Core to helm ‘Point Break’ remake

Things are starting to move along for the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s “Point Break” that was first announced in September 2011. Alcon Entertainment announced Wednesday that Ericson Core will direct the project. Core got his start in cinematography, serving as the director of photography for films like “The Fast and the Furious” and “Daredevil.” His feature directorial debut was 2006 football film “Invincible,” which starred Mark Wahlberg.

Core is taking on sports again with “Point Break,” but the remake may not focus on surfing like the 1991 original. According to a press release from Alcon, the new film “is set in the world of international extreme sports.” An undercover FBI agent, like Keanu Reeves’ character in Bigelow’s film, will again infiltrate a ring of criminals. Production on the “Point Break” remake is set to begin in late 2013.

Surf show attracts 32 million global viewers

A MASSIVE 32 million people in countries around the world had their eyes glued to Fiji for 12 days last year as Tavarua Island Resort and Cloudbreak played host to the 2012 Volcom Pro.

These statistics were revealed by Volcom yesterday and according to Fiji Hotel and Tourism president Dixon Seeto, this can only increase the abundant interest already present in Fiji’s surfing sites.

Is Jet Surf the future of wave riding?

Imagine a blend of surfboards, wakeboards, bodyboards and kiteboards. Now, add motor power and a Formula 1 design engineer. That’s it. Meet the new Jet Surf, a custom designed carbon fiber hull equipped with a two-stroke engine that can ride waves of all kind. The Jet Surf has an automatic electronic control unit that is manually operated to reach a maximum speed of 57 km/h (35 mph).

Kai Lenny, Pato Teixeira and Jamie O’Brien have already tested the new surf innovations in the waves of Hawaii. JetSurf allows you to manage your speed timings along with the breaking of the wave, for 75 consecutive kilometers. Jet Surf was created and designed by Martin Sula, a Formula 1 engineer from the Czech Republic. It weighs 12.5 kilograms and can be easily carried down to the beach by a single person.

SALLY Fitzgibbons is tempted to stall her professional surfing career and gatecrash the Rio Olympics as a runner.

Fitzgibbons, 22, was the country’s hottest middle-distance prospect as a teenager. She won the 800m and 1500m at the 2007 Australian Youth Olympics Festival but withdrew from the World Youth Games in the Czech Republic because of a clash with the world junior surfing titles.

She hung up her competition spikes and grabbed a thruster but the three-times world championship runner-up, and dual titleholder of the Rip Curl Women’s Pro at Bells Beach, still works with renowned athletics coach Ian Hatfield as part of her intense cardiovascular training regime in Wollongong.

“I was watching the London Olympics and thinking, ‘imagine being part of that atmosphere’.  “Imagine representing your country like that. Imagine walking on to the track and having an Olympics crowd there.

The Week in Surf News for April 6th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Top ASP World Tour Surfer Refuses Drug Test

An unnamed ASP insider has passed along information regarding a “top 5” ASP World Tour competitor refusing to submit to a randomly administered drug test during the day of round three of the Rip Curl Pro Bells. Officials pulled four or the twelve heat-winning surfers aside after the surfer’s respective third round heats and administered private urine testing in the confines of the Tour Director’s office. One surfer, who’s name has yet to be released refused the test, reportedly getting in to a verbal altercation with tour officials that eventually turned in to a shoving match with the surfer having to be restrained by event security.

Tour officials and surfer reps have been in talks regarding the altercation and drug test refusal, and sources say the surfer will most likely be banned from competition until a drug test is administered. Complicating issues is the deadline set by the ASP for the actual test, which was set at 24 hours prior to the initial testing round. In an “off the record” statement from a top ASP official, it was stated that if the unnamed surfer does not submit to the test, he will be immediately expelled from the world tour.

Drug testers swoop on pro surfing circuit

The Association of Surfing Professionals launched a drug-testing blitz on the Roxy Pro and Quiksilver Pro events at the Gold Coast on the weekend. Competitors were tapped on the shoulder on Saturday and escorted from the athletes’ viewing deck to a pocket-sized bathroom beneath the Rainbow Bay Surf Club. Roller doors were shut and locked behind them.Security guards blocked all entrances. A sign plastered on a door read Toilets Out Of Order, but this was a mistruth.

Anti-doping controls were conducted from mid-morning until American Dane Reynolds provided the final sample. “We’ve been told we can’t really talk about it,” one tour surfer told The Australian. The ASP unfurled its first anti-doping code last year.Details of tests are confidential unless a competitor is suspended. Substances such as cannabis and cocaine are listed as “recreational” and attract only reprimands for the first two violations. The list of prohibited performance-enhancing drugs is aligned with World Anti-Doping Authority guidelines although breaches carry a one-year ban instead of two. Kelly Slater reportedly claimed last week that recreational drug abuse was “rampant” on tour. He has subsequently denied saying it.

Is Globalization Wiping Out the American Surfboard Industry?

An American-born product hit hard by globalization: the surfboard. In Southern California, U.S.-based manufacturers fear they will soon be wiped out by competing, foreign companies due to discrepancies in labor costs and duty taxes.

World champion surfer Layne Beachley announces end to Beachley Classic

The Beachley Classic is no more, after seven-time ASP world champion Layne Beachley yesterday announced the premier women’s surfing event will not be staged in 2013. Commercial realities forced Beachley’s hand. “It is the end of an era as far as my event is concerned,” she said. “My primary aim was to raise the profile of women’s surfing and I would like to think the Classic did just that. The Beachley Classic was first staged in 2006 and was the richest event on the ASP Women’s World Championship tour, offering a prize purse of $140,000 last year.