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An Exclusive Interview with Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador 1

Zuri Irvin contributed to this story.

In an industry that pays homage to image and beauty as much as surfing prowess, no company reigns supreme in women’s surf clothing more than Roxy.  They are indeed the crème de la crème of women’s clothing companies and are among the most prestigious of anything related to female surfing.  Among their talented and beautiful team of riders is one of the top longboarders in the world, Kassia Meador.

Meador has been a member of the Roxy team for nearly 14 years, a staggering number given the youthful exuberance Meador still exudes with her riding, looks and personality.  While it’s rare to find Meador surfing in contests these days, she still hits the water on a regular basis and has added photography to her talented repertoire.

I interviewed Meador on my surf talk radio show WaXed to talk about how a valley girl in her teens learned to surf at Malibu, how she started surfing at a very late age for a professional surfer, her burgeoning interest as a photographer, who she’s dating these days, and how she’s a Roxy girl in a Roxy world.

Kassia Meador 2

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