The Week in Surf News for August 10th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Riots Erupt at the US Open of Surfing

Following the Finals of the Vans US Open of Surfing won by surfers Carissa Moore and Alejo Muniz, riots erupted resulting in looting, clashes with police, Porta Potties being toppled over resulting in waste spilling out, fights and unruly behavior on the streets of Huntington Beach, California. With police officers on the scene in riot gear, seven to eight arrests were made including an Orange County firefighter and other local and outside revelers, and police resorted to firing pepper balls and nonlethal projectiles to ease the crowd. Among the chaos around Main Street in Huntington Beach were a group of individuals attempting to break into Easyrider bike shop by ramming a street stop sign and the post into the store’s front window. Employees and friends of the shop stayed to defend the business and after the window was broken into they went to the forefront and defended the store, resulting in one bike being stolen.

The rioting seemed to have started around 8 PM PT when a fight broke out among the revelers of the Vans US Open of Surfing. Police forced the throngs of people away from the beach and the masses turned towards the business around Main Street. The Huntington Beach Police Department said that more arrests may occur and the suspect responsible for using a stop sign to smash a store window remains at large while there remains on going an investigation.

Alana Blanchard Flashed at the Vans US Open of Surfing

During a postheat interview at the Vans US Open of Surfing ASP Women’s World Tour surfer Alana Blanchard was told that the attention given to her was rivaling the greatest surfer ever Kelly Slater. Following the flattery a streaker interrupted the interview, significantly distracting Blachard. Despite security guards apprehending the perv Blanchard didn’t directly answer any further questions and repeatedly commented on her nude admirer.

Big Wave Surfer Grant “Twiggy” Baker Dropped by Billabong

Grant “Twiggy” Baker a former champion at Maverick’s, a regular invitee for The Eddie and a multiple Billabong XXL Awards winner who has worked for and been sponsored by Billabong for 20 years, was recently fired by his former sponsor.

Stephanie Gilmore Wins Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award

Defending ASP Women’s World Tour Champion Stephanie Gilmore won the 2013 Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award. For Gilmore this was her second career ESPY award. Gilmore was nominated along with pro snowboarder Kelly Clark, pro skateboarder Leticia Bufoni and pro motocross rider Laia Sanz.

Malibu homeowners foiled by an app to ‘free the beach’

For years, multimillionaires have been bullying beachgoers in Malibu, Calif., trying hard to keep them away from the pristine-and public-sand and surf. The sneaky homeowners have used orange cones, phony no-trespassing signs, security guards and fake garage doors to prevent regular folks from accessing the beachfront.

One resident on Malibu Road even planted hedges to hide an accessway, said Ben Adair, co-founder of Escape Apps, which partnered with environmental writer Jenny Price to develop a new app called Our Malibu Beaches. The app shows users exactly where each public access point is along the 20 miles of Malibu coast absorbed by private development.

Wavegarden Is Arriving to the U.S.

What is arguably the greatest artificial wave machine created will soon have a home in the United States. Honokea Surf Parks will build Wavegarden in Southern California and on the island of Hawaii with the original located in the Basque Country of Spain. Many professional surfers have surfed Wavegarden and have given it its approval.

Action Sports Theme Park Proposed for Las Vegas

An Australian businessman is proposing an action sports themed park that would be built either right on or near the famed Las Vegas strip. The ambitions plan for the theme park currently named Vegas Extreme includes a white sand beach made out of repurposed shipping containers, a seven acre lake for jet skiing, whitewater rafting and wakeboarding, a cable system for zip lining, a ski bowl during the winter that would be located where the lake would be for snowboarding, dirt tracks for motocross riding and go carts and six artificial wave machines for surfing.