The Week in Surf News for August 17th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Ricardo Dos Santos Accuses Jamie O’Brien of Punching Him in the Face During Contest

During the trials of the Billabong Pro Teahupo’o which determine the wildcards for the contest, Brazilian surfer Ricardo Dos Santos, who won the trials last year before eliminating Kelly Slater in round three of the event accused Hawaiian Pipeline charger Jamie O’Brien of punching him in the face during their heat resulting in Santos being eliminated from the contest. Santos posted a picture of the bloody lip he reportedly incurred from the altercation. Billabong has yet to post the official results of the trials and O’Brien has yet to respond to the accusation of punching a fellow competitor during a contest.

Jamie O’Brien Apologizes to Ricardo Dos Santos for Punching Him in the Face

Hawaiian surfer Jamie O’Brien has apologized and put his head down as he shook the hand of Brazilian surfer Ricardo Dos Santos to express humility, this according to Santos following an earlier incident at the Billabong Pro Teahupo’o trials where O’Brien punched Santos in the face during the contest. “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, today I am wrong sorry @ricardosantos90,” wrote O’Brien on his Instagram account. Above his comment is a photo of O’Brien with his head down shaking the hand of Santos.

After the episode, @whoisjob, came to say sorry and make sure that will never happen,” wrote Santos on his Instagram account. “For the brazilian people I told him to put his head down and be humble as a normal human! Brazil, we got dignity back!”

Guy Pretends He’s An 80’s Rockstar Surfer on Food Stamps and Fox News Reports On Him

A self proclaimed surfer and musician Jason Greenslate who claims to be a member of the band Rattsnake was on the conservative cable network channel fox news where he talked about being a recipient of food stamps while refusing to find a job, using the tax payer money for lobster and sushi, and using his free time to surf and play music. This freeloading blight on the human race toils around the San Diego area and certainly gives a lot of people, including surfers, a very bad name.

Matt Damon Talks Surfing With David Letterman

Actor Matt Damon was a recent guest on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote his new film Elysiumand right at the beginning of the interview Letterman commented on Damon’s physique and how he had such a rock hard body. Damon’s response was with a single word. “Surfing,” said Damon. He went on to talk about how it’s become a passion of his though he remains a beginner and has a ways to go before he has the potential to be a great surfer. It’s a lively and entertaining conversation and the topic of surfing is discussed for a while in this very entertaining interview.

Dolphin Breaks Arm of Surfer

A surfer in Western Australia was at his local surf spot when a large pod of dolphins that were nearby decided to surf a wave that was headed directly towards him, resulting in one of the dolphins hitting him, damaging his surfboard and breaking his arm.

Surfer shot at during Dorner hunt files lawsuit

A Southern California surfer who was shot at by Torrance police during the manhunt for rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles suburb and its police department. Allegations include excessive force, false arrest, battery, intentional infliction of emotion distress and negligence.

The suit says the 38-year-old Perdue was driving his black Honda pickup truck early Feb. 7 on his way to surf when he was stopped by officers looking for Dorner. Soon after Perdue was sent on his way, a second police car rammed his pickup and officers shot at him and detained him for an hour.