The Week in Surf News for July 20th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Roxy Pro Biarritz Has Been Rescheduled for September at Hossegor

Due to a very unusual situation where the beaches of Biarritz, France experienced flat surf conditions for the entire contest window of July 10th through the 14th, the Roxy Pro Biarritz has been cancelled with the event rescheduled to run concurrently with the Quiksilver Pro France in September at nearby Hossegor.

The event has been renamed the Roxy Pro France with the contest window is open September 24th and closes September 30th. The ASP Women’s World Tour moves to Huntington Beach for the Vans US Open of Surfing with the contest window opening July 22nd and closing July 28th.

Quik Staffer says un-PC things, ASP Responds

A senior Quik employee in the unenviable position of having made some social media remarks that weren’t particularly well-received. “Some butchy lesbos were representing surfing (in the past),” wrote Quik surf manager Chad Wells via Facebook. “Not rigged out sexy women who are in touch with their sexuality and know exactly how they are represented and marketed. 1 well ridden wave at the end of this clip would’ve made the critics happy.” Chad also lit up with some more direct talent-appraisal, stating that the girls have a large fan-base because not only are they hot, but they also rip: “The ‘average’ dude may be drawn in by the sex appeal but anyone that loves surfing watches the women’s heats now because they are RIPPING!”

ASP felt compelled to respond to Chad’s comments. “The recently-published comments of a Quiksilver staffer are completely unacceptable and do not represent the values or the opinions of the ASP,” said CEO Paul Speaker. “The ASP draws its inspiration from the ocean – an arena that does not distinguish where you’re from, the color of your skin, where you worship or your sexual orientation. As such, we are are an organization of tolerance, objectivity and inclusiveness. The athletes of the ASP are committed individuals of talent, inspiration and character. ASP’s vision for the future of the sport is to celebrate their athleticism, personality and stories- which we look forward to bringing to the world in 2014 when we assume responsibility for events, marketing and broadcasting of the professional sport of surfing.”