The Week in Surf News for June 22nd, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Surfing competition goes to the dogs in canine-only event

The hot doggers will be out in force Saturday at San Diego County’s Imperial Beach when a canines-only surf competition raises funds for charity.

The eighth-annual competition, in a new location adjacent to the pier, is expected to draw up to 40 surf dogs and thousands of spectators. It will benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Each competitor will have 10 minutes to catch his or her top two waves and will be scored on confidence level, length of ride and overall ability to “grip it and rip it.” The event, the “2013 Loews Surf Dog Competition- Unleashed by Petco,” is free for spectators and will be 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Authenticity and the X-Games

The Summer X Games have gone international — starting with a trip to Brazil last month before arriving in Barcelona next week, and Munich in June — and no one has cared. Despite the fact that Extreme Sports are an undeniably global phenomenon, absolutely no one cared. This is surprising, because while the summer headliners — skateboarding and BMX — seem distinctly American, you could win an easy bar bet searching for them in any of the three new X Games locales. That is, after all, why they bothered expanded into foreign markets. Yet, somehow, after almost 20 years of the X Games, ESPN, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, can’t seem to bring its brand of extreme sports worldwide.

This is manifested in the community’s mixed reactions toward snowboarder Shaun White, who has also competed on the skate side. The most visible, most medaled snowboarder in the history of the Games, is routinely distanced from the rest of the snowboard community, by those inside the industry and outside. As Rolling Stone said, “none of his friends were snowboarders.” His friends, according to RS, have names like Andre Agassi. He buys clothes from Matt Sorum of Guns ‘N Roses, and he says things like, “I’ve reached my goal with snowboarding, [but] if skating got into the Olympics I would be tempted to hold off on shredding all year and just skate, to make that my new goal.” Which is to say that Shaun White — the biggest star of the entire X-Games operation — isn’t a snowboarder or skateboarder, he just happens to ride them. Until that changes, no one is going to care about the X Games, regardless of where they’re held.

Humboldt officials: No fuel leak from Dodge truck stuck in surf

Officials said today that no fuels leaked out of a Dodge Ram truck that sat in the waters off Moonstone Beach overnight after becoming stuck during a commercial shoot. The truck that became stuck in the sand in the intertidal zone between Moonstone Beach and Houda Point in Westhaven was removed this morning by Humboldt Towing. “It’s not uncommon for vehicles to get stuck on the beach,” Alexander said. “But, as far as this one goes, it was just in a high profile location.”

Boat that drifted to California is tsunami debris

The barnacle-covered boat with Japanese lettering spent 758 days at sea before it drifted onto a Northern California beach.

Nearly three weeks after the 20-foot boat washed ashore in Crescent City, about 20 miles south of the Oregon border, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration determined it was from the 2011 tsunami, the first confirmed debris to reach California.

South African surfer fallen overboard found alive 27 hours after going missing

On Tuesday night, news broke that a South African surfer, Brett Archibald, 50, had fallen overboard the Nagu Laut boat while en route to the Mentawais on a surf trip. After a frantic search-and-rescue effort from the Nagu Laut and numerous other boats, Archibald was found alive 27 hours after going missing.

According to reports, Archibald was suffering from seasickness when he was suspected to have been knocked overboard during the early morning hours yesterday. When the crew realized he had gone overboard, they immediately began retracing their path and put out a call for help to other boats in the area.

Remarkably, Archibald had been found alive. Although sunburned and dehydrated, he was said to be in good shape and was picked up by the Barren Joey boat.

Befouled Cowell

The good news is that the city of Santa Cruz and researchers are working to determine the cause of the long-standing water pollution at Cowell Beach, adjacent to the Municipal Wharf. The surf break off Cowell is one of the most popular in California for beginning surfers and the beach is a major tourist draw — even though the ocean there has long ranked among the most polluted in the state. After years of blaming heavy kelp deposits and birds as the culprits causing the dirty water, researchers and city crews may have found a “stinking gun” — a combination of factors that would also include leaks in a sewer main, wharf operations, human waste in an inlet to the storm drain system, and even a bathroom with faulty plumbing. While it’s better late than never to identify the pollution causes, we have to ask, “What took so long?”