The Week in Surf News for June 8th, 2013

A recap of the week in surf news hosted by Natalie Rose.

Pichilemu, Chile – After much anticipation, The 2013 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile presented by Subaru was unable to run as scheduled on Tuesday, June 4th on the beaches at Punta de Lobos, Chile. The forecast had originally projected a 15-foot swell, but the surf ultimately did not reach the necessary heights. “In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile, the Big Wave World Tour and big wave surfing as a whole, we decided against running the contest when surf conditions weren’t as big as anticipated.” Contest Director Gary Linden continued, “As all surfers know, Mother Nature makes the final decision when it comes to waves – and today the swell was substantially smaller than we had originally expected.”

Given that the best big wave surfers in the world were all converged, local spectators were treated to a fan-pleasing two-hour, four-heat Expression Session versus an official Tour contest. Chilean hero Ramon Navarro, was awarded with the Biggest Wave and most-Critical Drop while Cristian Merello, 2010 Ceremonial Champion, was awarded the Best Wave of the Day. With a $50,000 USD prize purse, the winnings were divided equally amongst the 24 surfers with special bonuses awarded to Navarro and Merello for their biggest and best wave awards respectively.

Fake shark warning signs posted at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Eight shark warning signs were posted around Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz early Thursday morning telling surfers to stay out of the water. A fake public notice dated 6/6/2013 read “Shark Warning Water Advisory,” and said three great white shark attacks happened on Wednesday at three popular surf spots: Capitola Beach, Privates, and Rockview. Due to the highly aggressive nature of these encounters, it is strongly advised to stay out of the water for 48 hours or surf Cowells instead,” the advisory read.

Cowells is on Santa Cruz’s west side, Pleasure Point is on the east side, and the two sides have a longtime rivalry. They share one thing in common: their waves are crowded. The signs appear official with the California State Parks’ bear logo, but state park rangers said they did not make them. The signs were taken down by noon Thursday.

Long Beach moves to avoid swimmer-surfer battle

Long Beach has revised its proposed summer beach schedule after protests from swimmers who said the city was allowing surfers to take over too much of the beach. The city’s 3.5 miles of beach, beloved by locals and visitors, is one of Long Island’s biggest tourist attractions, and every year the city crafts a plan to divide its use between swimmers and surfers.

A proposal released earlier this month, which city officials said was intended to be simpler than the 2012 plan, was widely criticized by residents who use the beach for swimming. The most controversial part divided the west central portion of the beach into five blocks and allowed surfers to use two of the blocks, which would rotate throughout the summer. A new plan, released late yesterday by city manager Jack Schnirman, reduces surfing blocks in that area to one — the same number as last year. The block dedicated to surfing would rotate among the five between May 25 and Sept. 3.

Cody Simpson surfing

Teen heartthrob Cody Simpson is not just a singer, he’s a surfer, too. For this video, he dons a wet suit with his buddy Jake Thrupp and a few friends in Huntington, Calif., to go surfing.

Police arrest Gotcha surfwear co-founder in Laguna Beach car wreck

A retired professional surfer who co-founded Gotcha surfwear was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and on suspicion of cocaine possession after a traffic accident in Laguna Beach, police said Wednesday.

Police charged Michael Elliot Tomson, 58, of Laguna Beach with two felony counts of DUI and possession of a controlled substance, as well as a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of drugs.

Surfing companies wax litigious over use of name

California-based Mr Zogs Sexwax and Australian swimwear firm Zoggs faced off in court yesterday in a trademark dispute dating back to a verbal agreement more than 20 years ago. Mr Zogs Sexwax is an international brand of wax used to improve grip on surfboards. Zoggs makes goggles and swimming togs.

Zoggs, a swimming product company founded in Australia, has appealed against an Intellectual Property Office ruling against its application to trademark the word “Zoggs” in New Zealand. Surfing product company Sexwax, established in California by Frederick Herzog in the 1970s, opposed the trademark as it produces a product called Mr Zogs Sexwax. Mr Zog is Herzog’s nickname and in 1972 he began producing Sexwax for people riding surfboards. The Intellectual Property Office ruled in favour of Sexwax, having found Zoggs had acted in bad faith in its application to trademark “Zoggs”.